Informative insight from across the Industrial IP community that will help you with your own deployment of the technology and operational management.

Women in STEM

Women in STEM fields are declining and mentorship and commitment to recruiting, welcoming and retaining this talent pool is required

Industrial IP at Automation Fair

Visit the Industrial IP Advantage booth at Automation Fair® to learn how the Internet Protocol (IP) can help you build a secure, converged network infrastructure with connectivity between plant and enterprise.

3 Steps for Evolving IoT Architectures

3 key areas to grow IoT architectures using wireless to gain sustainable access to deeper, richer data and more powerful, flexible, data analytics for system level insights.

New Control Engineering Webinar Series

In 2014, industrial engineers can learn more about the complexities of Ethernet and the role of physical during a series of webinars with Control Engineering. This blog post summarizes a few of the webcasts

Ada Lovelace - Engineer of IP 2

Her algorithm for calculation of Bernoulli numbers applied to the Babbage Analytic Engine is arguably the first computer program ever written

Sensor Innovations Big Data and the World Cup

Approaches that can be applied to the industrial environment from innovative use of stats and goal-line technology at the 2014 World Cup

Breaking Through Layer 8 of the OSI Model

With the Internet of Things promising 50 billion new nodes by 2022, it’s essential to develop new architectures that are more intelligent, secure and flexible. Dan McGrath discusses potential challenges, including ‘Layer 8’ of the OSI model.

Collaboration on IT and OT Education Journey

Cisco Live session stresses collaboration between IT and OT on technology education and adoption.

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