Informative insight from across the Industrial IP community that will help you with your own deployment of the technology and operational management.

Should All Devices Be Candidates for the IoT

If the value of connecting a device is greater than the risk, it is a sound candidate for consideration. If it is put on the network, standard Ethernet IP technology and best practices must be employed.

Life Outside the Box

Paul Brooks from Rockwell Automation reflects on lessons learned as a controls specialist attending Cisco Live! in Milan, the premier networking event for IT specialists.

Human Behaviour and a Security Culture

Policies, procedures and awareness are rightfully the first level of defence in a security strategy. We focus on the electronics and software for automatic protection, but a good person trying to do the right thing is the biggest threat that we face

Clark Griswold Guide

Industrial networks and their physical cabling can be a liability if you let it get out of control. Learn from Clark Griswold.

Lights - Roads and Internet of Things

Inbar Lasser of Cisco contends for network convergence during the IoT World Forum. Unlike road networks - sized based on today’s behavior and usage - manufacturers must size networks for what we hope to do tomorrow.

That Network Threat....It's Coming from Inside the House

Being inside your safety zone doesn’t always mean you’re safe – sometimes the threat is coming from inside too. Industrial businesses need to care in defending against these interior threats by physically securing the network from the inside out.

Picture Perfect Reception with IP Wireless

Multiple-in-Multiple-Out (MIMO) is a new technology adopted by new IEEE 802.11Wi-Fi standards. Under 802.11n and 802.11ac, the antennas in the access points are able to use this interference constructively.

Using Video to Improve Safety

When deploying open, IP-enabled information environments, it makes sense to look beyond the obvious industrial devices and consider the value of commercial technology like video in combination with emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality.

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