Two people working together on industrial design

Manufacturing will change more profoundly in the next five years than it has in the past 20. Operations are increasingly connected and information-enabled. By combining automation and information technologies in a converged Ethernet infrastructure, we can produce more flexible overall systems with higher levels of visibility – and access the real-time decision power that is often hidden within automation systems.

This newly accessible data offers virtually infinite potential to quickly identify production inefficiencies, compare product quality against manufacturing conditions, and pinpoint potential safety, production or environmental issues.

To help enable this increased connectivity, manufacturers will need skilled workers who can deploy evolving network technology on the plant floor. These skills span both information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) professionals, and network convergence will require collaboration between the two groups.

It’s about bringing together the strengths of IT applications and expertise with the benefits that real-time OT data provides for manufacturing and processing products. The convergence of IT and OT processes and technologies coupled with the convergence of a common secure network infrastructure allows the IoT-enabled plant of the future to come to life.

Industrial IP Advantage and are hosting a webinar on July 19 about how IT and OT hold the key to successfully converging industrial networks.

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