Back to school letters and pencils

Each fall brings change for those of us with school-aged children. Some of us will be saying goodbye to our kids as they head to college, some of us supporting them as they change schools, and some even taking little ones to their very first day of schooling. No matter what stage of their education they are at, as parents we are in wonder at all the ways they will change throughout the coming year - learning more and more each week. Like me, I am sure that many of you feel that the fall is a more significant annual event to than the calendar new year. 

But what about the rest of us not enrolled in school? How will we grow and develop over the next year? What will we learn and where will we learn it?

Industrial IP Advantage is all about learning and educating. That’s why we want to highlight some of the places that you can continue your learning and development journey within your own career – not just this fall, but well into the future.

  • Rockwell Automation Fair 2017The annual Automation Fair hosted by Rockwell Automation is happening November 15-16, 2017 in Houston, Texas. The event is jam packed with more than 110 forums, hands-on labs and technical sessions at the 2017 event, which you can earn PDH certificates of completion for. You can register for the event here.

  • ODVA Official Logo ODVA is hosting several EtherNet/IP Quick Start sessions design specifically for vendors who are preparing to develop EtherNet/IP products. The course covers everything from the basics of EtherNet/IP all the way to product testing. There are two courses scheduled:

Of course, the Industrial IP Advantage training courses are available online at any time, but what better time to start than the fall? With over 40 training modules covering the cell/area zone, industrial zone, and IT/OT integration, the courses are self-paced and interactive. Whether you’re an IT or an OT professional, these courses are ideal for getting a base-level understanding of how to collaborate with your counterpart as you deploy IoT technologies.

Fall is the perfect time to explore various learning and development classes, seminars and conferences. Take advantage of these opportunities and make sure the learning never stops.