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EtherNet/IP™ is the most developed, proven and complete industrial Ethernet network solution available for automation and process control. It enables real-time control and information in discrete, continuous process, batch, safety, drive, motion, and high availability applications.

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Software Defined Networks

Software defined networks (SDNs) are a hot topic at the enterprise-level. The reasons vary – but they’re piling up. The most promising – and potentially profitable – benefit of a SDN is its potential in making the network directly programmable.

Virtualization and EtherNet/IP

What is virtualization, and what value propositions result from combining it with open network protocol? Where is it possible to see the combination in action?

Best-in-Class Thinking for Industrial Networks

There are many reasons to choose EtherNet/IP. Primary among them: the platform’s proven reputation for enduring flexibility and high-speed performance – two valuable attributes for producers who need to ensure 100 percent network availability.

Acadian Seaplants Grows Capacity

Acadian Seaplants implemented a plant-wide EtherNet/IP infrastructure with integrated MCCs at a new facility which provides 40 percent more capacity, enables remote access via EtherNet/IP, and helps improve reliability with automated equipment.

RF Design Recommendations

Summary of the radio frequency recommendations for EtherNet/IP when used in wireless configurations extracted from a recent Rockwell Automation/Cisco authored white paper

The ROI of Industrial Ethernet

Converged network architectures deliver cost savings in OEE, maintenance and safety.

How to Design a VLAN Based Network Architecture

Once the VLANs and IP addressing schema has been set, the key design decision is how to deploy VLANs into the network infrastructure. This article outlines the step-by-step process to designing a VLAN-based network architecture

Ethernet Changes Process Automation Plant Floors

This article from Control demonstrates why Ethernet is becoming a standard practice among manufacturers and breaks down the best solutions for deployment.

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