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The Internet of Things is enabling manufacturers to take advantage of the latest technology to improve productivity and reduce downtime – at least that’s what one automotive manufacturer is doing.

This article from LNS Research discusses how General Motors’ Lake Orion location is harnessing the power of the industrial Internet of Things. Throughout the floor, 800 robots can be found operating various aspects of the plant to ensure maximum efficiency. But an issue with even one robot risks halting production – causing the company to lose time and money during unplanned downtime.

That’s why robotics manufacturer FANUC teamed up with Rockwell Automation and Cisco to deliver a solution called “Zero Downtime” (ZDT). Now, hundreds of robots throughout the GM facility are enabling a digital transformation. Throughout the plant, robots and other devices are connected to the cloud, allowing operators improved visibility into all aspects of operations in real time. 

In fact, according to Fortune Magazine, “The robot calls in and says, ‘I’ve got an issue in one of my motors in one of my joints.’ Or it may say ‘I’m about to get sick in a few seconds.’”

And through remote monitoring, workers can monitor diagnostics and are alerted in advance if a problem occurs, allowing them to schedule proactive maintenance.

“By monitoring the operational performance of the robots, as well as other key systems, GM is able to control the manufacturing process and ensure the final quality of the products produced,” Marty Linn, manager of advanced automation technology at GM, told Robotics & Automation News.

Learn more about GM and its ZDT solution in this blog from Cisco.
FANUC robots working on GM car