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A report commissioned by McKinsey & Co. verified that manufacturing and industrial operations produces more data than any other industrial sector. Yet, as this data is generated, most is discarded instantly. Instead of capturing the data to push business improvements, data is primarily being used for diagnostics or alarming purposes.

On top of that, the World Bank estimates that 220,000 new engineers will be required every year until 2022 to connect to the Industrial Internet of Things. Harnessing the power of IIoT requires a convergence between IT and OT professionals – a challenge many manufacturers are working to resolve. As cultural, technological and strategic challenges continue to arise, companies are looking for ways to respond to these workforce shifts, including looking into to strategies to train and retail employees.

In this MESA blog written by Mike Hannah from Rockwell Automation, Hannah breaks down important factors for addressing workforce in order to maintain relevance in the industry, such as focusing on future workers and improvements for the modern manufacturing setting. Read more here

How to Achieve the Changing Workforce Apocalypse