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Network Fabric

Structure, repeatability and modularity help manufacturers to establish a comprehensive network fabric, reducing deployment risks and optimizing maintainability, scalability, and security.

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Structured Cabling Boosts Ethernet Life Cycle

Industrial Ethernet network reliability depends heavily on successful network packet delivery.

Tips for Physical Network Design and Deployment

Watch our recent webinar to ensure your industrial networks and control system are IoT ready.

Physical Infrastructure for CPwE Architecture

Successful deployment of CPwE logical architecture depends on a robust physical infrastructure network design that addresses environmental, performance and security challenges with best practices from OT and IT.

Marcegaglia Case Study

Learn how Panduit’s network infrastructure solutions increased Marcegaglia’s implementation time.

Automotive Manufacturer Case Study

Learn how Panduit’s tailored physical infrastructure solution helped an international automotive manufacturer build a reliable network infrastructure.

Site Survey Rules for Industrial Wireless Use Case

Industries are rapidly adopting wireless networks because of their benefits on the plant floor, including convenience, mobility, reduced cabling and lower labor costs. Plant operators can take four steps to establish plant floor wireless zones.

Industrial IP Network Fabric eBook

Transform your industrial plant and workforce by implementing higher value network infrastructure. Learn more by downloading this free eBook.

Physically Protecting Networks - the MICE Method

The industrial environment challenges the physical network structure. Using the MICE method of evaluation, manufacturers can assess physical hazards across the network, and select industrial-grade components to improve network uptime and productivity

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