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Why IP

Industrial IP has become widely adopted in plants across the world for its ease of configuration and operation, high data throughput, straightforward connectivity and ability to merge the factory floor with the corporate database. Deploying an industrial IP infrastructure helps with asset utilization, employee productivity, supply chain optimization, improved customer experience and opens a whole host of new possibilities.

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How to be Sure Your Network is Futureproof

Innovation will happend during the lifecycle of today's infrastructure ivestments. See how today's technology mega-trends help inform future-proof network investments

Stay Connected with Industrial IP Advantage Video

Manufacturing is reaching an inflection point that will transform the nature of communication from device to enterprise. Data can no longer be stranded in islands and the cloud. It must be converted into actionable information.

The Plant of the Future

Forward-thinking manufacturers and industrial operators are already embracing and adopting the seven key elements of the plant of the future. Are you ready?

People as Connected Devices

What’s the connection between industrial manufacturing and the consumer revolution in wearable digital devices?

Importance of IP

With an estimated 50 million devices to be connected by 2022, industrial IP is the future of network connectivity.

IP-Centric Protocols Dominate Ethernet Networks

A recent IHS Technology survey of industrial operators finds that IP protocols are the most-used protocols in today’s industrial Ethernet networks.

ARCview: IoT Brings $3.88Tn Value to Manufacturers

ARC Advisory believes that IoT will offer value across multiple industries. Over the next 10 yrs, new innovation will dramatically extend the reach of IoT, enabling early adopters to gain competitive advantage. Read the full paper here.

Security Matters In An IP Network Infographic

It’s forecast that $86 billion will be spent on global cybersecurity in 2016. While no single technology will protect you fully, Standard Unmodified Ethernet with Internet Protocol is proven to offer the widest availability of risk mitigation tools

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