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Network security no doubt is top-of-mind for industrial manufacturing, but in particular 21CT’s recent article reminds us that the energy sector networks are still high-value targets on attackers’ radars. The article outlines three important steps to shore up network security in Oil & Gas.

As 21CT Security analyst Tim Ray shared, oil & gas companies can do the following to help increase security:

  1. Know your Network: Gain Situational Awareness
  2. Know Your Policy: Network Security Rules to Live By
  3. Enforce Your Policy: Take a Look at Network Behavior

While no single technology will protect you fully, Standard Unmodified Ethernet with Internet Protocol (IP) is proven to offer the widest availability of risk mitigation tools, and a more robust solution than fieldbus, modified Ethernet or any other proprietary or legacy approach. You can learn more why security matters in this IP network infographic.

Or to read the full 21CT article, click here.

I’d like to hear what you’ve done to defend against security threats. Comment below!

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