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The $3.88tn delivered by the Internet of Things is shared across all industrial sectors.  Concurrent engineering techniques enabled by Internet Protocol allow physical network design, logical network design and application development to be abstracted, reducing time to market and downtime, and enhancing system flexibility, performance and productivity in a highly competitive world.

Software Defined Networks

Software defined networks (SDNs) are a hot topic at the enterprise-level. The reasons vary – but they’re piling up. The most promising – and potentially profitable – benefit of a SDN is its potential in making the network directly programmable.

Why Power Companies are Delving into Data

Utilities are getting up to speed with big data issues as their smart grids begin to feed massive amounts of information back to base.

Three Tips for Fortifying Your Network

Many industrial operations are struggling to find the right approach to protect their assets. Unfortunately, many opt for a technique called “security through obscurity.” Industrial operations can fortify their network architectures in three ways.

Acadian Seaplants Grows Capacity

Acadian Seaplants implemented a plant-wide EtherNet/IP infrastructure with integrated MCCs at a new facility which provides 40 percent more capacity, enables remote access via EtherNet/IP, and helps improve reliability with automated equipment.

The Skills Gap All Comes Down to Training

The skills gap in manufacturing is causing many companies to seek training solutions to expand current employee skillsets.

Secure Networks: a Connected Plant

As plants become more connected due to the proliferation of IIoT, manufacturers need to train operators and secure their network.

Network Security in Food Manufacturing

Industrial Internet of Things enables plants to increase performance. It also opens the network to malicious individuals. Cybersecurity measures can reduce the risk.

IT & OT Turn to Physical Security for Productivity

Deploying physical security using an IP infrastructure enhances manufacturers’ ability to protect people, assets and operations – while providing a scalable platform for improving productivity, OEE (Operating Equipment Effectiveness) and innovation.

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