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The Converged Plantwide Ethernet (CPwE) REP system establishes a resilient network architecture that goes beyond previously CPwE explored resiliency protocols (such as Rapid Per-VLAN Spanning Tree+ (RPVST +), Multiple Spanning Trees Protocol (MSTP), EtherChannel, and Flex Links) within Industrial Automation and Control System applications. All other CPwE design recommendations such as segmentation, data prioritization, and security, still apply.

REP delivers better convergence characteristics, and functions as an alternative to resiliency protocols described in the CPwE Design and Implementation Guide.

The key benefits of REP include:

REP provides easier migration from Spanning Tree Protocol (e.g., RPVST+ and MSTP).

REP is simple and easy to configure.

REP provides faster convergence (recovery from a failure) than RPVST+ or MSTP for a switch ring topology.

When repairing from a fault within the ring, REP will not initiate another convergence event (like other resiliency protocols).

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Resillient Ethernet Protocol REP Design Guide