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Resilient plant-wide network architectures serve a crucial role in achieving overall plant uptime and productivity. The CPwE (Converged Plantwide Ethernet) architecture provides standard network services to the applications, devices, and equipment in modern IACS applications, and integrates them into the wider enterprise network. It also provides design and implementation guidance to achieve the real-time communication and deterministic requirements of the IACS as well as the reliability and resiliency required by those systems. The CPwE Resiliency CVD (Cisco Validated Design) solution can help provide manufacturers the guidance needed to meet the challenges of a fully integrated IACS and realize the business benefits offered by standard networking.

This paper specifically focuses on the physical infrastructure deployment for CPwE using best practices and a building block approach from Panduit. The methodology is reflected in the physical infrastructure details that complement A Resilient Converged Plantwide Ethernet Architecture, a white paper by Rockwell Automation and Cisco.The latest version of the guide can be found here

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