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Virtualization and cloud techniques deliver higher availability and reduced deployment time and costs, and big data and analytics have potential to transform the way we optimize production operations.

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Virtualization and EtherNet/IP

What is virtualization, and what value propositions result from combining it with open network protocol? Where is it possible to see the combination in action?

How to be Sure Your Network is Futureproof

Innovation will happend during the lifecycle of today's infrastructure ivestments. See how today's technology mega-trends help inform future-proof network investments

Convergence Revolution is Transforming Production

Automation is just one element in a portfolio of plant- and enterprise-level disciplines which, when they converge, exponentially increase production agility and innovation.

Improving Industrial Network Design Productivity

Engineers and IT professionals can use different design tools when developing industrial networks to help increase design productivity.

Best Practices for Sharing Data

The best way to tap into the valuable data generated in plants is by associating it with other data in order to get a holistic view of plant operations.

Distributing compute closer to the decision point

Seeking to improve operations and comply with regulations, plants are moving industrial computing resources from the data center to the plant floor.

Demanding Sectors Confirm Value

Adopting virtualization and Ethernet TCP/IP technologies allows manufacturers in all industries to realize the same benefits of reduced downtime and management costs that drove enterprise IT to deploy them.

Why Every Manufacturer Can Think in ‘The Cloud’

Every manufacturer from small- and mid-size operations to large global enterprises feel constrained by IT bandwidth, ageing infrastructure assets and application engineering resources. Cloud-based computing can help alleviate those constraints.

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