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Remote Assets & Services

Connecting intelligent machines on open IP networks gives line-of-sight without the need to be on-site. Whether machinery is remote from operations centers or human resources are distributed beyond the plant perimeter, real-time, borderless collaboration between manufacturing, engineering and suppliers improves decision-making, efficiency, productivity and use of internal and external resources.

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Remote Expertise Can Help Manufacturing

Manufacturers can rapidly find experts located anywhere in the world, and deploy them instantly over the virtual platform to avert or solve production bottlenecks, train wreckers, or even help close sales deals.

How to be Sure Your Network is Futureproof

Innovation will happend during the lifecycle of today's infrastructure ivestments. See how today's technology mega-trends help inform future-proof network investments

Convergence Revolution is Transforming Production

Automation is just one element in a portfolio of plant- and enterprise-level disciplines which, when they converge, exponentially increase production agility and innovation.

Remote Assets and Services

Today, IP-based networks allow manufacturers to extend the manufacturing zone to distant locations, and seamlessly exchange critical information across countries. Using remote services can also help analyze, diagnose and troubleshoot problems.

5 Ways to Modernize for Better Remote Access

Plant Engineering magazine article discusses five ways industrial companies can use remote monitoring to optimize production and solve challenges

The Manufacturing Convergence Model

The deployment of Internet Protocol technologies has pulled IT and plant professionals together; often creating turmoil, but more often creating opportunity to improve efficiencies, drive company-wide best practices and enable transformational change