Course introduction

Available as flexible eLearning tools, our courses cover key aspects of industrial networking. Suitable for controls engineers and network engineers, the courses are technical, scenario-based and interactive.

Industrial Design

This four eLearning courses teach critical design skills focused on a Reference Architecture for converged architectures. The courses will help information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) engineers implement designs from equipment-level to the enterprise-wide network. It includes scenario-based training on logical topologies, protocols, switching and routing infrastructure, physical cabling and wireless. 

Course details:

Course 1 and 2 - Designing for the Cell/Area Zone

  • Design secure, robust, future-ready networks for cells, machines, skids and other functional units by implementing reference architectures and standard IP.

Course 3 - Designing for the Industrial Zone

  • Learn design principles on line integration, high availability networks and wireless architectures to optimize plant networks.

Course 4 - IT/OT Integration

  • Understand how to effectively converge a smart manufacturing facility with IT and OT stakeholders.

In each part of the training, security techniques that can be deployed at that layer in the architecture will be discussed together with guidance on approaches to their deployment. No single security tool can provide a fully secured architecture, but when all are deployed together, best practices for defense in depth have been applied.

Price: $350 for all four parts.

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