It comes as no surprise that Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials are different when it comes to lifestyles, attitudes and technology adoption. But when it comes to educational opportunities, we see more commonalities than variances. Most would agree that training offers added confidence in performing a job, delivers the necessary skills for the next promotion, and provides the knowledge to maintain competitiveness in the marketplace for you and your company.

But training also comes at a price, and not just in terms of registration cost. The true price is time away from work when the job already demands 110 percent. Learner motivation can also be a factor, particularly in robust self-directed training programs that extend over the course of several weeks or months. What does it take to keep a learner engaged throughout the course of a training program? Many organizations turn to reward based motivation to keep the learner engaged and satisfied in the learning experience.

Industry Leaders Jointly Develop Interactive, eLearning Courses

Now that Industrial IP Advantage is offering training courses, the question all time-strapped control engineers and IT professionals should ask is “Do the rewards outweigh the time investment?” We think they do, as the training provides instruction on deploying a holistic network architecture – one that is designed to minimize stressful network downtime, while connecting devices, machines and people in a secure and productive manner.

The online training brings together the combined knowledge, best practices and application-specific expertise of Cisco, Panduit and Rockwell Automation – so it gives you training from three industry leaders for the price of one.  Plus, it’s online so you can complete the courses on your own time, from wherever you are even on your mobile device. 

But what else does it give you?  Completing the training will bring significant rewards and recognition in the form of certificates, digital badges and most importantly - industrial network design knowledge potentially worth millions of dollars to your company’s bottom-line.

Display your Certificate of Completion

Industrial IP Advantage eLearning is split into four courses. Each of these courses, upon completion, will issue you a certificate. This certificate confirms you completed the course and indicates the number of professional development hours that can be claimed from taking the course. The certificate is issued by GP Strategies, an industry-leading online partner. It will also be endorsed by representatives of Cisco, Panduit and Rockwell Automation – three experts in the field of networking.

training certificate

Figure 1. Sample certificate that is issued upon course completion

Show off your Digital Badges

In addition to the certificates, there will be an electronic badge issued for each completed course. This badge can be attached to email signatures and social media profiles, such as LinkedIn, to demonstrate professional competence to the broader engineering, industrial and workforce community.

training badge

Figure 2. Earn a digital badge for each completed course

Implement your Network Design Expertise

In completing this course, you will gain the technical knowledge to be part of the evolving business transformation brought on by the Internet of Things. More importantly, you will have demonstrated a desire to understand the needs and expectations of your peers across all manufacturing IT disciplines – making you more valuable in bridging the cultural and technical gaps. This collaboration will, in turn, help you play a pivotal role in facilitating end-to-end connectivity from plant floor to the corner office.

The approach addresses three different motivational styles, those who attend training for the knowledge gained, the satisfaction of completion, or the enhancement to their online credentials. As times change, as do the motivations preferences of our learners. We’re always interested in hearing directly from the target learners. What motivates you to want to participate in a training program?